About DigiNature Project (2019-2021)

University of Turku (TSE Pori) and Tampere University (Pori Unit) are working as project partners

•To improve destinations’ attractiveness, availability, accessibility and appeal to new customer groups, we pilot easy-access digital platform and experience concepts (eg. themed journeys, touchpoints with rich media contents, Web Augmented Reality, Internet of Things (IoT) and contents for online social sharing) to enhance touristic experiences at cultural sites and travel destinations.

•The project co-creates digital platform solutions and experience concepts at two pilot destinations in Western Finland. The project cooperates with Metsähallitus www.metsa.fi at the Bothnian Sea National Park and Lauhavuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark https://lhgeopark.fi/en/suossa-on-elama/ at northern Satakunta.

The paltform economy solutions offer concrete tools and future potential to develop regional business ecosystems around data-driven experience assets and sustainable growth. Easy-access and fast-to-integrate (browser-based & mobile) platform functionalities offer state-of-the-art flexibility for various organisations and businesses to interconnect their resources digitally and to co-create realtime, interactive and personalised location-bound experience-centric service journeys.

Are you interested in smart browser-based mobile experience platform solutions for your destination, cultural site or event?

Contact: tuomas.pohjola@utu.fi (TSE Pori) jere.gronman@tuni.fi (TAU Pori)

Learning content demos

Please note: according to Google, they will shut down the services demonstrated below; Tour creator, Tour builder and Expeditions app; in the summer 2021. These previews may however give you ideas how to utilise VR contents in your digital experience journey creation with other web based solutions in the future.

Solar system (VR)

Earth timeline (VR)

Finnish nature soundscapes

Pilot destinations

360 view from Kuuskajaskari:

360 view from Jämi:

Selected video content examples:

Read student experiences from early stages of Digiluonto app development and testing: https://matkailu.samk.fi/study-visit-to-lauhanvuori-hameenkangas-geopark/ and https://matkailu.samk.fi/digiluonto-testing/